Java Conference on Crete by Mario Schröder

This year I was invited to JCrete, a conference on the Crete island. It came as a big surprise after working on a project for Apache NetBeans. I felt very honoured, since it is a invitation only conference for “the best oft the Java ecosystem“. I still consider myself as a steady learner in Java. The word “developer” means for me to develop the skill set continuously.

The conference is not like typical organized event of some big vendors. At JCrete people actually get the chance to be involved in the sessions. Anybody can suggest a topic, that he or she is interested in and would like to share, then other people join those sessions, which can be even on the beach site. Does it sound unorganized? Although the organizers of the conference call themself disorganizers, it is actually very well managed, the meetings were extemporaneous, casual and natural.

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Ken Fogel’s JCrete® 2019 Report

I had the amazing good fortune to attend this year’s JCrete. I’m still here in Crete while I write this on the balcony of my hotel. There is likely no better place in the world to hold a gathering especially an Unconference gathering.

Imagine a gathering where every one in attendance is a potential speaker. Rather that the classic “Sage on a Stage” style presentations, an Unconference is about having open discussions on a range of topics presented by the people attending.

Each day begins where anyone can propose a topic they wish to discuss with anyone in attendance who also has an interest in the topic. This was a new experience for me. No projectors (more or less) and no PowerPoint. The proposer of a sessions begins by explaining why they want to discuss their topic and then for the next hour its a free wheeling discussion.

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