JCrete® 2016

JCrete®.  Open spaces.  Sun.  Beach.  Good food.  Top Java experts in the world.  All getting together on a rock in the Med.  “Stand-up meetings” whilst treading water.

We’d love you to be part of this.  It is a unique learning experience.

Many of us bring our families to enjoy Crete.  They will not be bored.  We only have sessions in the mornings.  The afternoons are spent exploring the island.  And chatting.  Lots and lots of talking.  Non-stop.

And the price?  Nada.  Nichts.  Nothing.  Tipota.  Just your own travel expenses, food and accommodation.

There’s a good reason.  Java in Greek is written TZABA.  The “B” is a “V” sound.  But if you pronounce the “B” with the Latin sound “B” like “boy”, then that means “free” in Greek.  So TZABA TZABA.

A very small contribution to the Orthodox Academy of Crete for their expenses in hosting us is included in your room rate if you stay there.  If you don’t, you will need to pay just €100 to them.  That is not for JCrete®.  We are doing it for the love of it.  Love and fresh air.  And a fantastic experience that is unparalleled in the Java world.

At an unconference, like JCrete®, the swag is unorganized. Feel free to download this image and create you own swag. 
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