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From the first event in 2011, JCrete® has received rave reviews by those lucky enough to attend.

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Comments by Past Attendees

“JCrete is the modern incarnation of the ancient Greece Agora, it is really amazing to have the possibility to exchange experiences and opinions with such a wide and qualified audience!” – Angelo D’Agnano (Belgium)

“Meet gurus and experts who really take care about Java as friends” – Maz (Germany)

“Unconference with top class attendees held at an excellent place. Loved the highly educational conversations on topics like Java 8 features, polyglot JVM and persistence. I will surely join JCrete again.”  – Giannis Ledakis, Ubitech Ltd

“In conferences with huge numbers of attendees you’ll get great canned talks and lots of merchandise from the sponsors. You might even get a good meal at the hotel restaurant. If that’s what you like don’t go to JCrete. In JCrete it’s extremely, and sunny, you only get 3 talks a day and wifi is poor. You talk with other attendees, get to know them while having a salad at a small taverna by the beach (sometimes a taverna _in_ the beach). You get to meet the great people like I met Maurice Naftalin, Heinz Kabutz or Martin Thompson while drinking home-made Raki. You get to spend all-nighters discussing last Vimeo hit by Bret Victor with people worried about our future as developer/computer scientists. That and great small-group sessions on garbage collecting, language abusing, concurrency, java byte code and many other subjects is what you get at JCrete.  But if you are the type that enjoys the Martinis at the Oracle Evening Party at QCon then JCrete is not for you.” – Ignasi Marimon-Clos i Sunyol (Spain)

“This was my first conference and probably will remain the best conference ever. It is one such place where you get specialists from all areas. 5 days at JCrete experience was definitely worth more than my one year at work.”  – Chandan (India)

“As a consultant its important to be up-2-date with technology and ways of doing stuff in general. The conference helps me being updated.  That is due to the many sharp and different people which other aspects of programming than I do.  I like the discussions where my ideas are being shifted and pushed a bit.  I also liked the sneak preview of future features in Java that might or not come.  I like this conference over others because I have influence on this one and it is not over-hyped.  The people that attends this conference are all nice, down to earth and wants to share their knowledge.” – Mike Moeller Nielsen (Denmark)

“Do you want to meet the Gurus, discuss the latest and greatest in Java Technology or get in touch with the authors of your favorite Open Source Project?  Then goto JCrete and you can have all that & more! – whilst enjoying awesome sights, delicious dishes and having a great time at the beach!” – Thomas Darimont, Pivotal Inc. (Germany)

“J-Crete is the ultimate unconference! It is a perfect combination of crystal clear Cretan waters and awesome programmers! We have a never ending list of topics to discuss!  Good for rookies such as I, and for the java experts who gather…Jcrete rocks!” – Maxi Kabutz (Greece)

“I’ve been to many conferences where the audience sits and listens, a learned speaker presents, and if you’re lucky you get to ask a few questions at the end. You come away with some useful information, maybe have an opportunity to talk to a few people, but in the end wonder if it’s worth the time and money. JCrete is different, in all sorts of ways, but the biggest is the 2-way flow of information. You can drive the direction of the dialogue, and you will probably find yourself giving as much as receiving. It’s a fantastic way to share ideas, whiteboard interesting issues, meet people with similar problems and discuss (often over several beers) a number of solutions. It’s an incredibly valuable way to learn, discuss, solve and generally have a blast with a bunch of like-minded people. And then there’s the setting, the socialising in the sun. Just go and enjoy, and learn.” – Phil Shotton

“If Java conferences had rating based on the average attendee Java IQ, most likely JCrete would top the chart. But what’s more interesting, that each attendee is eager to learn from others.” – Yakov Fain, Java Champion since 2005.

“The informal discussion format of JCrete works perfectly for me. While traditional Java conferences can be useful too, the JCrete unconference gives me the biggest bang for the buck let alone those beautiful beaches and Greek hospitality.” – Yakov Fain, attended 2013.

“I attended seven conferences in 2013 and I learnt as much at JCrete as all the others combined, and the food/drink was the best too” — Peter Lawrey, Higher Frequency Trading.

“Whether by the pool in the evening, swimming in a beautiful bay in the afternoon or in the meeting rooms every morning, there is one constant to the event: incredibly interesting discussions on a variety of subject matters, yet always with very knowledgable people. I’ve discovered so many new things, deepened my understanding of topics applicable to my daily work and met many very open-minded and opinionated industry experts. I have yet to attend another conference bringing all that together in such an intense way…” – Alex Snaps

“A perfect atmosphere for advanced learning, free from bustle and vendor pitches. Listen and contribute on topics from the detailed to the eclectic where the discussions might continue on the beach or up a mountain!” – Chris Newland

“This is excellent opportunity for peers to get together and discuss whatever they feel are the most important topics for Java. Given the high quality of attendees the result is phenomenal. As is the food!” – Rickard Öberg

“The format at JCrete of group seminars, is both interactive and egalitarian. The subjects discussed cover the topics that really matter to developers. In small, friendly groups, developers who are just starting out get to spend quality time with some of the biggest names in the industry. All participants learn from each other in the best atmosphere of any conference I’ve ever been to. Crete is a great place for a conference – and the format (seminars in the morning, excursions in the afternoon) makes it possible to bring partners / family / friends and really combine a holiday with a conference.” – Benjamin Evans

“On Crete, we do have brilliant food, wine, beaches and weather. One thing we don’t have is many top-class Java developers to undiscuss with… so JCrete makesCrete a better unplace!  It’s been a real eye-opener! Can’t wait for next year!  Oh.. almost forgot! I’m bringing the Raki! ” – Giorgos Saslis

“JCrete is to an organized conference what internet is to TV. Presenting through discussion, listening through discussion, great participants, a lot of sun and awesome food make it an once in a lifetime experience (and hopefully not just once)” – Aggelos Karalias, Logicea LLC

“Set at a top location, it recharged my batteries (physical and creative) through what would traditionally be a very stressful few days. I just can’t imagine any other way where in so little time I can have so many meaningful, and at times deep, conversations with very interested (and interesting) fellows.” – Tasos Zervos

“The conference is much more an open discussion comparing to the regular conferences. You can came dressed simple as you were in summer holidays.  Everyone can take an afternoon dip in the blue sea of Crete, taste the local kitchen or just keep calm on the beach This conference is proposed to anyone who wants something deferent and also to combine a five day trip to mediterranean” – Nik Peltekis

“Heinz has some very knowledgeable friends who also came to the conference, including Java rock stars giants, performance gurus, book authors, framework designers and other leaders in the Java space. You get to liaise with some exceptionally smart, experienced people in a very close environment” – Kon Soulianidis

“I never came back from a conference with such a number of great ideas and new friends like JCrete 2013” – Uberto Barbini

“I went to the first JCrete not knowing what to expect.  I found Java experts and so, so much energy in the JVM space that was sorely lacking back home.  Little did I know then that attending JCrete planted the seeds, somewhat subliminally, to bring that energy back home.  When someone proposed a talk, ‘building communities with deep roots’, I initially scoffed at the idea – with all these new technologies about, who’d want to go a Java group in 2011?    Little did I know that the seed had already been planted. Six months later our JUG started from scratch. When I returned to JCrete in 2012 I was co-convening the discussion about running a community.  Helping other attendees begin their own JUGs as well.   JCrete innocuously began a very rewarding journey for me. Meeting experts who I’d never think I could talk to so candidly and now I see at conferences since.  For what its worth our JUG has over 500 members, and our monthly events now fill venues, taking to the internet to find more speakers. Its something I never expected.  Who knows what seeds will be planted for you?  There is only one way to find out.” – Kon Soulianidis (MelbJVM Organiser)

“JCrete is not only held in a wonderful location, it’s also the best place to meet the leading experts for Java development and have a private chat with them while relaxing in the sea, at the beach or during the pool bar evening/night discussions. It’s your chance to show your skills and get involved in the Java community when contributing a topic to the big first hour unconference planning event yourself. I promise you will learn a lot, have even more fun and taste delicous greek food.” – Rabea Gransberger

“It was the first time I attended a so called “unconference”. I was only familar with large conferences like JavaOne. I liked JCrete very much, because everybody can participate, you meet experts personally, that you wouldn’t get in touch with on the usual type of conferences. And in the afternoon and evening you are able to explore one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It was a great experience!” – Andreas Gellendin, Versant Corp.

“I was impressed by the knowledge and skills of the people present, and the interactive format of the talks. I also enjoyed the after work activities a lot, and the food.” – Jürgen Strobel

“JCrete is the best combination of multiple worlds. In the morning you are engaged in interesting topics with highly intelligent professionals, often learning new stuff or getting interesting views on existing technology. In the afternoon you spend time with your family or fellow geeks, snorkeling, hiking or just relaxing. Later you eventually gather with the rest of the hard-cores in the foo-bar discussing java, politics, railways or whatever. And at all times you are supported by beautiful surroundings, Greek hospitality and great local food!” – Jesper Udby

“Μες το λιοπυρι το πολύ, για java να μιλάω,
ποτέ δεν το φαντάστηκα, πόσο θα το λησμονάω.

Γιατί είναι η Κρήτη μοναδική, και τα Χανιά πιο πάνω,
που κάθε χρόνο με τραβάν, για JCrete να πάω!” – Giannis Skitsas

“This is not a conference; this is not a un-conference either. It is a journey. I had the luck to meet extraordinary people in all senses: from a technical point of view as well as from a personal point of view. Technical discussions are great. Sometimes with a session you cover several books worth of knowledge at once. On top of that you get to see special places of Crete that are otherwise are hidden to normal tourist’s eye.” – Alexandru Carstea

“When I first heard about JCrete, I was expecting to meet great people and listen great talks. But the reality has been much more than that.  The unconference extends till dinner and evening parties. I had fantastic conversation that inspired me new ideas. On top of that at JCrete you can learn and help others while enjoying an holiday with your family in a wonderful place and eating delicious food. How can you beat that?” – Uberto Barbini, Finance Contractor London