JCrete® has been cloned to various places around the world:

  • AgileCrete, an Open Space UNconference that connects agile software development professionals from all over the world
  • JAlba, an open spaces conference in Edinburgh
  • JChateau, an unconference organized in France by the Paris Java User Group in the iconic area of the Châteaux of the Loire Valley, designated as a World Heritage Site by UNSECO in 2000.
  • JIbiza, another Open Space (un)conference, part of the alliance, organized in Ibiza.
  • JManc, a Java unconference in Manchester, UK.
  • JOnsen, a Java unconference at a Japanese onsen.
  • JSpirit, Spirits, Ski & Java in Bavaria.
  • JWild, an Open Spaces Conference in Wilderness, South Africa.
  • LavaOne, a Java unconference in Hawaii.
  • London Java Community Unconf in London
  • Oracle Code One also ran an unconference in 2019!