Orthodox Academy of Crete

We are very privileged that we can host JCrete® at the fantastic facilities of the Orthodox Academy of Crete.  It is an ideally located academy, overlooking the Gulf of Kolymbari.


Our location is 25 km from Chania town and 45 km from Chania International Airport (CHQ) and 164 km from Heraklion International Airport (HER).   (Google Maps).

Most of us rent cars for the duration of JCrete®.  We recommend two trusted companies for car rental: Kydon Car Rentals (used to have the Budget agency) and Horafakia Car Rental.  Both are dependable and if you mention “Java” they will usually know that you are coming to see us here at JCrete.

Those without wheels can usually bum a ride somewhere.  We’re a generous bunch.  There are buses over to Kolymbari, but it means walking 1.5 km.  In 35ºC.  Not fun when you’re dragging a suitcase.  Closer to the time we send around a Google Sheet that we use to figure out who rides with whom.


Kolymbari, Kissamos
Postal Code 730 06
Chania - Crete
Tel.: +30 28240 22500 / 22245
Fax: +30 28240 22060