Academy Accommodation

Most of us stay at the Orthodox Academy of Crete.  Here are their rules:

  • Cigarettes and alcohol are strictly banned on their grounds.
  • No music may be listened to.  This includes on ear phones.  Only exception is Byzantine music.
  • No use of electronic devices after sundown.
  • Only baptized Greek Orthodox may rent rooms.

Just kidding, its really quite relaxed 🙂  Just behave yourself like a good Java programmer should and we will all have a fantastic time.

The Academys rooms are quite OK to sleep in.  Facilities for kids are limited.  This is an academy for serious learning after all.  But there is the sea across the road to play and swim in.  There are also plenty of great hotels close by.

Please note that you can only stay in the academy for the duration of the unconference. Make other accommodation arrangements if you wish to stay more. Most of us will be checking out on the Friday and head over to the Akrotiri, where some of will probably stay at Giorgis Blue Apartments.

What will the OAC cost you?

We have put together several packages for you to choose from (Sunday to Friday):

  1. Conference without accommodation at OAC without lunch 125€
  2. Conference without accommodation at OAC with lunch 210€
  3. Conference with accommodation sharing a double room with lunch 390€
  4. Conference with accommodation single room with lunch 515€
  5. Accommodation for accompanying persons sharing a double room with lunch 265€

Other hotels close to the event

If you choose not to stay at the OAC, and AirBnB have a large selection of suitable accommodation in the area, depending on your budget and preferences.  Note that it will be hot in July and walking might be a tad sweaty.  Best to either book very close to the Orthodox Academy or to also get a rental car.