What to tell your boss?

At most conferences, people pretend to work, but they don’t.  They go for these reasons:

  • Boss told them they had to
  • Food is great  – and free
  • Get away from the office
  • Pick up as much free swag as possible

They are often told to “bring back stuff to tell the team”.  So they go to 10 sessions in one day, but their brain is full after the first session.  In addition, sessions only allow a very short time of interaction with the speaker.  They are then supposed to regurgitate the information that the speaker had spent hours preparing.

At JCrete®, there is no “free food”.  It is great, but you have to buy it yourself.  So sorry.

Your boss will also never tell you that you “have to go to JCrete®”.

The vast majority of people who come pay for the trip out of their own personal finances.

Despite all that, at JCrete®, we pretend to not work, but we do.  All the time, from the first Sunday evening right until the final dinner on the Friday, we are talking, talking, talking.  Not always about Java, but most of the time.  That’s what happens when you get all those Java experts in one place.

Our favourite place for stand-up meetings is the sea.  You will often see heads in a circle far out, treading water, and talking about Java.

Completely unique learning experience!