JCrete® 2019 Trip Report by Martin Toshev

  I will try to briefly describe my experience from jCrete 2019 in this post with the hope you will get some good impressions of the event. It was my first time attending an unconference after so many other (mostly Java-oriented) tech conferences over the last few years. An unconference is essentially a series of discussions initiated by the attendees whereby everyone proposes and schedules a topic for discussion that the other attendees can join.

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JCrete® 2019: Ist das jetzt Urlaub oder Arbeit? (German) by Robin de Silva Jayasinghe

Wenn man als Unterkunft eins der Zimmer in der OAC (Orthodox Academy of Crete ) gebucht hat, wacht man jeden Morgen mit einer gigantischen Aussicht direkt aufs Meer auf. Die allgegenwärtigen Zikaden schlafen noch und man hört das Meer rauschen. Um 6:30 warten auf dem Hof vor dem Zimmer die zwei Läufergruppen. Egal bei wie viel Raki und Bier man den Abend zuvor über die Java-Welt philosophiert hat, Frühsport muss sein. Eine schnelle Gruppe mit 5er Schnitt und eine gemütliche Gruppe mit 7-8er Schnitt erklimmt die Hügel hinter der Akademie. Danach kann man direkt ins Meer springen und sich abkühlen.

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JCrete® 2019: The Magical Unconference by Juan Pablo Andrés Soca

UOW!! What a glorious event! Yes, that’s the feeling after attending JCrete. I was lucky enough to get a place in this select and unique unconference that happened from the 14th to the 19th of July in the beautiful island of Crete. Although I never heard of this event until some months ago when they mentioned it in the LJC, this was the 9th edition. So yes, it’s a success story.  

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Ken Fogel’s JCrete® 2019 Report

I had the amazing good fortune to attend this year’s JCrete. I’m still here in Crete while I write this on the balcony of my hotel. There is likely no better place in the world to hold a gathering especially an Unconference gathering.

Imagine a gathering where every one in attendance is a potential speaker. Rather that the classic “Sage on a Stage” style presentations, an Unconference is about having open discussions on a range of topics presented by the people attending.

Each day begins where anyone can propose a topic they wish to discuss with anyone in attendance who also has an interest in the topic. This was a new experience for me. No projectors (more or less) and no PowerPoint. The proposer of a sessions begins by explaining why they want to discuss their topic and then for the next hour its a free wheeling discussion.

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