JCrete 2017 JCrete Articles

Simon Schell’s JCrete® 2017 Report (Deutsch)

Die aktuelle Woche gehört mit absoluter Sicherheit zu den Wochen meines Lebens, die ich nie vergessen werde. Aktuell bin ich auf Kreta und besuche die bis dato absolut beste Konferenz, die ich je besuchen durfte: JCrete. An dieser Stelle deswegen nochmal einen großen Dank an Heinz Kabutz für die Möglichkeit teilzunehmen. Allein in den ersten zwei Tagen habe ich bereits genug interessante Themen für den Rest des Jahres kennengelernt, über die ich am liebsten alle schreiben würde.  Weiter lesen …

JCrete 2017 JCrete Articles

Uberto Barbini’s JCrete® 2017 Report

I don’t know if JCrete is the best conference in the world, as they say, but for sure is the best conference I ever attended.

This is year it was my third time and I really enjoyed. Friends, Programming and Food!

Thanks to Heinz and the whole team who made this possible: Dimitri, Rabea, Ixchel, Andres and all the others!

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JCrete 2016 JCrete Articles

Tomasz Nurkiewicz’s JCrete® 2016 Report

I don’t always write conference reviews. But when I do, they are about awesome ones. And JCrete was truly awesome. I got invited by Heinz Kabutz himself and this is pretty much the only way to get there. JCrete is an uncoference with no tickets and no designated speakers. Besides there is no conference fee but also everyone pays for themselves. This feels a lot more like a group of people meeting each other informally rather than a full-blown, very official conference.  Read more …

JCrete 2013 JCrete Articles

Yakov Fain’s JCrete® 2013 Report

Tomorrow I’ll be joining about 60 other Java folks and 20 members of their families in Crete – the largest island in Greece. This is the third annual Java unconference that takes place here.  Read more …

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Grzegorz Piwowarek JCrete® 2017 Report

JCrete 2017 – Report

JCrete 2018 JCrete Articles

Cay Horstmann’s JCrete® 2018 Trip Report

Every year, intrepid Java enthusiasts converge upon the island of Crete to brave questionable air carriers, the intense heat, the allure of beaches, the temptation of tropical drinks, and the astounding disorganization of the conference; all in the quest for knowledge. Here is my trip report.