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Badr Elhouari’s JCrete® 2018 Report

JCrete 2018 was my first unconference ever (Check out wikipedia to learn more about what’s an unconference). I really loved it, love the spirit, the quality of unparticipants, disorganizers who work hard for almost a year to welcome us as a family members, no sponsors, everything is crowdfunded, crowdsourced, self disorganized etc

I’ve been attending many conferences around the word but the quality of people and discussions at JCrete was really unexpected. I couldn’t miss any session or any excursions to the awesome beaches in Crete (by the way, one of the best all over the word, I went to Balos, Falassarna, Elafonissi etc) Old Town, visited oldest olive tree in the word. My experience was just awesome and I’m so lucky to get my first ever invitation to this magnificent Unconference (It was also fun to travel to that island with my lovely wife & daughter)

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