Henri Tremblay’s JCrete® 2018 Report

After years missing it, I finally went to JCrete last year for the first time. I went with my family and we had a great time. This year, I went back again but alone.

For those who never went, it is hard to describe the event. The boring way would be to say that it is a Java unconference.

But it is a really bad way to describe it.

Here is my current explanation.

Close your eyes. Imagine you can gather all the almighty experts in your field and put them in one place. Then imagine this place has multiple beaches, great (cheap!) food and good wine. That everyone is friendly and wants to help each other without judging. And that you will talk will all these experts all day, in formal classrooms and on the beach. You will gather a tremendous amount of knowledge.

This is JCrete.

This was my experience last year. This was my experience this year. It almost feels surreal.

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